Typically, spring is the most beloved season for weddings. Why? Perhaps it’s the mild weather, without any summer heat. Maybe it’s because nature awakens, and the landscape is colorful and vivid. Or maybe because we also awaken after a long cold winter, and we can’t wait to go outside. Whatever the reason, many couples choose this time of the year for their dream.

At Isposas, we don’t think there is a “best period” for weddings – as each one comes with its own pros and cons. Certainly, spring is a great one for getting married, because you’ll find many good reasons and inspirations for your wedding’s theme and colors.

Here you’ll find five tips – and good reasons! – for planning your wedding in the spring time.

1.The Spring weather

This season has two main features: the weather gets better (with longer and sunnier daytime), but it also changes a lot from month to month. There are a lot of differences in setting a marriage in March or in June: temperatures, landscape, and forecast’s precision. And it all depends on the area of the World you are in. Just consider Italy alone: a May wedding celebrated in Sicily is way warmer than one set among Trentino’s mountains.

As for Sardinia, luckily spring is not too rainy; but there could be a lot of wind, more than in summer. Also, in Many the sun there is quite heating: in this time of the year, we recommend avoiding the central hours of the day for your ceremony.

Having a wedding in April or May means having more chances to get a nice and sunny background for your special day, with the wonderful colors and perfumes of a blossoming nature. But never forget the #1 tip for every wedding and every season: always have a plan B for unpredictable weather!

2.Open-air location

Regardless of the area, getting married in spring will give you the chance to choose an open-air setting for your events and celebrations, such as a wedding on the beach or in a garden. Also, locations that are closed during the winter season will now be open and ready to great you and your guests, for a beautiful celebration in their outdoors (but always with some indoor space available, especially for evening weddings). If you need more specific help, read our article on how to find the right venue for your wedding.

3.Colors of a spring wedding

As we said, this is the season when nature awakens and comes back to life, as well as its colors. If you want to get inspiration for your wedding’s seasonal color tones, just take a look at the nature around you: flowers, greenery, and even fruits can be the perfect source for your wedding palette. Traditionally, we associate Spring with pastels and light shades; but if you don’t like them, you’ll also find brighter colors such as yellow, violet, fuchsia and magenta (also, remember that Viva Magenta is Pantone’s 2023 color).

Just try to pick seasonal flowers, no matter the color.

4.Spring wedding: what to wear?

Another great thing about spring weddings: choosing the outfit is easier compared to winter or summer ones, for both newlyweds and guests. The weather won’t be too hot, but you won’t need heavy clothes or too many accessories.

However, for a spring wedding we suggest bringing an extra layer, such as a shrug or a light jacket for women, especially if it’s a dinner reception. Luckily, bridal fashion for 2023 loves these accessories, so it will be easy to find something that fits your wedding dress just right.

5.A seasonal menu

Not only flowers and plants: many delicious vegetables start growing again in springtime. A very nice variety of seasonal ingredients and first fruits can be used both as ingredients and decorations, to give a unique extra to your wedding menu’s taste, colors, and smells. You and your guests will definitely love it.

…our extra tip: be original

When it comes to planning a spring wedding, it’s quite easy to use clichés, especially for table names or tableau de mariage. Usually flowers, plants, trees and animals are the first ideas that come to mind, and they are not very specific. As we already suggested for winter weddings, try to think about what you two love about Spring. Start from there and find the main theme of your own wedding.

Do you still have doubts if a spring wedding may be right for you? Contact me, I will be glad to help you choose the perfect season for your wedding.…..