Summer it’s finally here, the most loved season, as it immediately calls for travel, vacation, longer daytime, sun, and light and combortable clothes. Sometimes though, it’s the less loved one because of the great heat, or for those who has to work or study throughout without any time for relaxing. And it’s very discussed when it comes to events and celebrations: have you ever received and invitation for a wedding in July or August, and have you ever thought “Why did they choose that month for getting married?”.

Ideas and suggestions for a summer wedding

Maybe it’s true that guests don’t like summer wedding, because they may come with some obstacles. But you should know that this is the most favourite season for couple who choose an island as their destination wedding location. We find for you the five main pros of getting married in summer, along with some specific tips that will let you organize a pleasant event for your guest, even in the hot season. We won’t be talking much about which theme you should choose for a summer wedding: we prefer to give you practical indications for wedding organization. 

  1. Mountain or seaside?

Each place has its own pros and offers some quite evocative setting. If you love the mountains, not only is summer season a good choice for your wedding, but it might be the perfect one! It’s likely that you’ll get a lot of sunny days, and the heat will always be reduced by the lower temperatures of the night. Therefore, a summer wedding in the mountains can be easily set in the morning, if you are looking for a nice bright light for your wedding pictures, maybe choosing an intimate country church for a religious wedding, or a spectacolar panoramic view for your symbolic ceremony. I want to suggest you a wonderful place not far away from where we are: the altopiano di Golgo, in Baunei area, it’s a very evocative place for nature lovers.

But if “summer” equals “seaside” for you, and maybe you are dreaming of tying the knot on a romantic seaview or right on the sand, here in Sardinia you’ll have plenty of choices. Just be sure to avoid the hottest hours of the day: ceremonies after 6:00 pm are usually the best ones.

2. Say YES to an evening wedding

This really is the perfect season to have a beautiful wedding in the evening, to set a unique and charming atmosphere. In fact, in spring and autumn there’s a chance you can get very chilly evenings, and your guests may feel too cold! Unless you set your wedding dinner and the cake cutting in an inside venue, perhaps loosing that magic that only some open-air nights have. On the other hand, temperatures in summer are quite pleasant after the sunser, especially if you’re having a beach wedding.
If you are getting married towards the end of the season, please remember that the daytime is starting to get shorter than June or July: don’t start our celebrations too late in the evening – in general, try to plan your reception at the sunset hour.

3. Outfit freedom

I’m talking especially to the brides here (but not only!): if you get married in the summer season, you are somehow entitled to have more freedom in the choice of your wedding gown, as you could choose lighter fabrics and more modern styles. And, if you are having a civil or symbolic ceremony, you could also pick some less traditional choices, such a short wedding dress or a gown that looks more like a cocktail dress! Find some inspiration in our 2023’s bridal fashion article, and in the one specifically for guests and newlyweds’ outfits for a wedding beach. In order to feel at ease in a summer wedding, don’t forget to also consider which shoes you’re going to wear.

Dear groom, if you are wondering what should men wear for a summer celebration, I know you’re probably thinking that you don’t have a lot of alternatives to the classic male suit – but you could try to play a little with fabrics (choose a very soft and light shirt as well) and colors (if you like them, bright shades attract less heat). Maybe you’re also wondering: should I get married with or without the jacket? It really depends: it’s your wedding going to be elegant, or quite informal? In this second case, you can definitively consider a suit without the jacket. You should choose super light and comfortable shoes as well. Now you are ready for your summer wedding!

4. Play with colors

Summer is definitively a bright season, the light of the sun illuminates everything and every color lights ups. Use this brightness to find the most bright and joyful shades for your wedding! Find the right flowers for your summer celebration: wheter it’s true that high temperature can be a problem for most flowers and plants, remember that each season has its own species, capable of better surviving in the climate of that specific time of the year. During summer, you’ll find bright-coloured flowers that can give you inspiration for a vivid summer palette. If you have the ceremony and the reception in an open-air venue, it will be easier to play with summer shades (especially if you’re on a beach), because you won’t have to coordinate your wedding style with the one of a specific location.

5. Wedding, honeymoon, and vacation

On one hand, a wedding during summertime can be a problem for guests who have limited flexibility to plan their holidays. On the other hand, if you get married at the seaside or in the mountains, your family and friends may have a great opportunity to plan a vacation right before or after your wedding. Of course, in this case you have to send the invitation well in advance, especially if you have a destination wedding in a different region or state, because guests should have enough time to plan the trip, buy the tickets, and book the accomodation. Especially families will require an early notice!

Not only your guest, but also you and your future bride/groom could take advantage of the summer season to have your honeymoon: that’s a good idea if you don’t have muche time for travelling during the year, or if you’re planning a destination wedding in Sardinia and would like to spend your honeymoon there as well.

If you are seeking help, please write to me. Have a nice Summer!