5 tips and ideas for planning a winter-themed wedding

The holiday season has arrived! Whether you have a large family who loves to celebrate or you prefer a more quiet and intimate celebration, you will probably have more time to spend with your loved ones in the period around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you are planning to tie the knot, this time of the year might be the right one to take a break, collect ideas and start planning. Why don’t you let the winter and seasonal atmosphere inspire you for your wedding’s style? If you’re interested, here’s our suggestions on how to organize a winter-(or holiday-)themed wedding.

1.Winter or Summer wedding?

The first question you should ask yourself is: would you rather get married in cold or hot weather? There are many things to be considered when you are looking for the best time for your wedding – and weather is probably the first one. In both cases, you should think about your guests; and in winter, you should provide shelter from cold and possibly rain, and add a few layers to your bridal look, such as shrugs and capes.
Also, incorporating too many in-season details during the actual holiday season might turn out to be too predictable. And if you are thinking about getting married right around a specific holiday to take advantage of vacation days, be careful: friends and relatives may have other plans with their own families, or have already booked a vacation.
To choose the right time for your wedding, consider the final result, the logistics, and the details you want to incorporate in your celebration.

2.The Location is important

First of all when it comes to logistics, you should think about the places of your celebration.
The venue can make a difference: that is true in every wedding, but especially in winter ones. Where to set ceremony and reception during the winter season? Sure, you’ll probably have to give up on an open-air wedding. But there are lots of indoor options (such as restaurants, villas, castles, hotels, courthouses, etc.) where you can find a warm and elegant atmosphere, right for every kind of event. Remember that it is always better to set a winter wedding earlier in the day to make the most of the fewer hours of light; so book a location which looks nice in the daytime.

3.Do you love Christmas?

If you two both love Christmas and would like to get married in a holiday atmosphere, that sounds lovely! The holiday season is a perfect time to get inspired for your wedding. Be careful not to overdo it, though: don’t use only Christmas decorations, or your reception will resemble a Christmas dinner. Instead, try to incorporate unique details that complement this time of year. For instance, you can use Christmas tree ornaments as favors and more generic wintry décor for all the rest.
After all, a few nice details are all that it takes to define your wedding theme!

4. Winter-themed wedding: which theme?

If you don’t want a strictly seasonal wedding but you can’t find other ideas, try not to think so much about the “wintry style”; instead, try to focus on what you love about winters. Is it ice and snow? Mountain and ski? The warmth of a lodge and its fireplace? Use the elements you both enjoy the most for your wedding’s details, from the color of linens and tableware to bride and groom’s accessories. As we often say, your big day should talk about you two!

5.The winter wedding’s menu

Choosing the menu is another extremely important matter in every wedding; in this can, it can have something to do with the season. Our tip is to avoid those meals that are too typical of a Christmas dinner or lunch, again to avoid making your reception a weird copy of a holiday gathering. If you choose to get married in autumn, winter or early spring, the best idea would be to use seasonal ingredients and courses, not too heavy, maybe some modern interpretation of traditional recipes that will amaze your guests. Talk with the restaurant or catering company, clearly explaining the theme you have in mind for your wedding, so they can help you in finding the perfect menu for your winter reception.
If you have doubts, or you wish to receive more ideas and tips for your winter wedding, contact me here.

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