If you want your wedding to be unforgettable, you should pay care to those small details that will give a special touch to your big day. When we meet couples who look forward to amaze their guests, we never put floral decorations aside. In this article, we’d like to share with you some unexpected wedding areas that are not usually considered, but where you should definitively put some flowers.

The best thing about flowers is that they emphasize a location. When you put them on the reception tables, the lunch or dinner area will be embellished, but this detail alone is not enough to create that “wow-effect” that we like so much. Here’s 5 wedding spots where many brides forget to add some flowers, but we think those areas are as important as others, and should not be left without decors. We hope these ideas will help you in making your wedding unique and unforgettable for you and your guests.

1- Welcome sign

Consider greeting your guest with a beautiful sign at the entrance of your ceremony or your reception. It could be printed or handwritten, decorated with fresh flowers or green branches. As simple as it can be, this element creates the perfect touch while your family and your dearest friends are entering the most important day of your life! With a flower decoration, your sign will make them feel even more welcomed, it won’t be just a flat element but an original and personalized decoration, that your guests won’t forget easily. We are sure that many of them will stop for a picture!

2 – Tableau de mariage

Our couples often ask us if they have to do the tableau de mariage for they wedding. Remember that it should be a support for your guests to find their place easily, and see who will be seating at their same table. Therefore, unless you choose to have one great imperial table, you almost certainly should do it.

If you don’t want it to look empty and ordinary, it’s a good idea to add a floral detail. Ask your fiorist to replicate some floral elements and decorations that you already have in other areas of your wedding reception or ceremony, to be put next to the tableau de mariage. The best idea would be to combine them, creating a small scenography, to avoid decorations to look as they were just placed there for beauty.

3- The aperitif table

If you want your wedding to really have everything, you should add floral decorations for the aperitif area as well, as this area is always the first stop for guests as they arrive in location. Here they start to look around, so it’s nice to embellish the area with some extra (but unexpected) detail. If the table has limited space and you don’t want to hamper the catering service, you can have big floral compositions put nearby. Or, if your aperitif is served in the middle of a nice lawn, you could set your flower decorations as elements of decor: they will fill the place and guests will appreciate. 

4- The party favors table

Give the favors’ table an elegant touch by adding some flowers or simple green branches. You can re-use the same decorations from your aperitif table, that will make you spare a little. It doesn’t take too much to personalize your wedding and find the right floral composition, the one that will make everything look even more pleasant. It doesn’t really matter what’s on the table – small cadeaux or something more valuable: it’s that floral touch that makes the difference.

5- Restrooms

You weren’t expecting that, were you? Although this could me the most unexpected place to put flowers, it’s one of our favourites spot to add flowers. This simple attention will really amaze your guests, and they will pay you many compliments for really caring about every single details,and making this experience unforgettable for everyone. Small flower pots and some candles on the sink are all you need to coordinate the general atmosphere of your day!

Whatever choices you’ll make for your flower design project, we hope this article helped you with some ideas!

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