Viviana Chellini

I am the beating heart, the creative director and the inspiring soul of Isposas Luxury Weddings & Events.

I learned that there is no single formula for creating unforgettable events, I use my knowledge, experience and skills, together with a team of extraordinary suppliers, to turn your dreams into unique realities. I would be happy to do the same for your event. I personally follow the protagonists from start to finish for the event, with a passion for work, attention to detail and the latest trends in wedding planning plus floral designs, these are my strengths.
You are ready to live the most beautiful and important day of your life: close your eyes, try to imagine it, make a wish …

I will do everything possible to make it happen.


EEnhancing the bride and groom on their day as protagonists and, at the same time, enhancing all that Sardinia can offer, starting from exclusive locations “between the sky and the sea“, harmoniously inserted into the landscape: “Isposas luxury weddings & events” intends to guarantee for your unforgettable event an impeccable organisation, in which the beauty of the scenarios and the care of the installations will highlight the spouses, respecting their tastes and desires. My task will be to make the event unique, in a land that will amaze you with its colours, scents and flavours.

Internationalism – tradition – innovation, the cornerstones of our activity.

Why rely on a wedding planner?

It is wrongly believed that resorting to a wedding planner is a luxury. I will explain to you why this is not true! Being a wedding planner means dealing with everything that has to do with the organisation, management and planning of the event. It is necessary to have specific skills such as being organised and keeping within the budget, a more than wide artistic, food and wine and floral culture; it is necessary to know etiquette and traditions and to have an excellent ability of coordination and problem solving, as well as two essential qualities: good taste and creativity.

Without having any experience in organising a wedding, how can you be sure of choosing reliable and high-quality suppliers, at the right cost without forgetting anything?

Through their experience, a wedding planner allows you to choose suppliers and professionals in the sector with confidence, being certain of the relationship between quality and cost of the service.

It takes time for your wedding to be organised, time you probably don’t have or you need to carve out from your hectic life with a lot of effort.

The task of the wedding planner is to manage every phase of the event, respecting a precise timing and leaving you alone the task of dreaming, because everything will be tailored according to your wishes.

It is undeniable that the organisation of your wedding could be stressful: you could run the risk of arriving at the fatal day or you could forget that important detail, which, in retrospect, will make you think that not everything went as you wanted. Besides the fact that you will not have fully enjoyed every moment that precedes your Yes.