I strongly believe that any dog owner should consider having their pet with them on the wedding day!

It’s completely normal to wish to have friends and relatives near. And if you own a dog, you may wish he/she could be a part of the celebrations. It’s not always easy to include your dog in the wedding day, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible: it is necessary to consider how the canine may feel during the bridal festivities, in order to help him/her enjoy the experience as much as any other guest.

Here’s some things to do to involve your dog in your wedding day.

Think about what is best for your dog, not just for you

As much as you may wish to involve your dog in such an important day, and maybe give her/him a special role as the delivery of the rings, you should first consider how this will be for the pet and for the guests. A party is not always the best environment for animals: dogs are very sensitive and easily absorb stress and tension.

How’s your pet’s temperament: friendly, cool, playful? Or does he/she get nervous when meeting other humans? Does he/she get scared and bark?

Now, if you have already decided and you are sure that you want to bring your dog to the wedding, you are probably wondering how to take care of her/him. Luckily, there is now a new professional that will take care of your four-legged friend throughout your entire celebration: the wedding dog sitter.

If you think you may entrust your pet to a wedding guest, please change your mind. This is not working: the guest wants to celebrate with everyone else and cannot take care of the dog for the whole day. Your dog will need to stay away from sun and heat, be fed, walk, take a nap, and so much more: you will need someone who knows how to take care and help.

Plan in advance

First of all, if you decide to let your dog come with you on your wedding day, you should be organized, as it’s not something one can just improvise. If you get married with religious celebration and wish to have her/him as your ring bearer, be sure to tell the priest how important your pet’s presence is for you two. Dogs can be admitted in church, but ask: their presence must be planned way ahead!

Everything is easier when we talk about courthouse and symbolic weddings, especially if the celebrations are made outside. Your dog will certainly be happy to have more space, and that will also reduce stress and fear. However, that also depends on her/his temperament.

Find a dog-friendly venue

This is essential. It’s not always possible to bring canines to restaurants for a wedding: some places might be less permissive than others, so please keep this well in mind when selecting a venue. Once established that the location will allow your dog, check for green areas where your four-legged friend can relax and have fun between photo shoots.

cane al matrimonio

Your dog as the ring bearer

The dream of having a dog bringing the wedding rings is so popular, that almost every dog owner would like to realize it. You can find many cushions and other accessories for your cute ring bearer; if you are uncertain about his/her reliability, consider using fake rings and quickly change them as soon as your pet gets to the aisle. 

If your dog wasn’t allowed to the ceremony, consider having her/him nearby anyway, for example at the entrance of the church or courthouse to greet the guests. If you want to really amaze them, teach your dog to give a paw as a welcome.

The right look

Since everyone will look good in their party dress, the dog should be as well. There are so many cute canine outfit, with just one rule: don’t make him/her look funny. A simple wedding detail, such as bow ties, collars or leashes, will do the work without annoying your pet.

If you love animals, and would like to have your dog with you during the most important day of your life, go for it! If you need more help, feel free to contact me.