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    Ogliastra, a land that extends from the slopes of Mount Gennargentu to the Tyrrhenian Sea, representing a proper jewel of central-eastern Sardinia. The landscapes, outlined by limestone reliefs with an almost lunar beauty, softened by the verdant plains and unmistakably painted by the blue of the crystalline sea, give visitors the chance to enjoy the most authentic and unspoiled Sardinia. The Ogliastra coastline, beneath the towns of Tortolì, Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese, offers sea lovers a spectacle of beaches and coves, where the colours of limestone and porphyry cliffs contrast with the clear waters, in the nuances of emerald green and blue; the name of the region, “Ogliastra“, derives from “guglia” or “aguglia”, a word used by sailors to indicate a large triangular limestone massif near Santa Maria Navarrese.

    From the coast to the hinterland, the landscape is transformed: the plateaus shine with the colours of olive groves and vineyards, while the hills, covered with typical Mediterranean scrub, host the varied local fauna, populated by mouflons, foxes, weasels and wild boars. Near the mountainous areas, Ogliastra offers harsh and suggestive landscapes, as in the case of the calcareous massifs, the famous “tacchi” or “toneri”, which with their overhanging gorges provide views of wild and indomitable beauty.

    This is a land of contrasts, Ogliastra preserves ancient traditions, respecting a cultural heritage that reserves wonderful surprises for anyone wanting to learn more about: the rituality and folklore linked to the main religious festivals, the craft, the food and wine production of excellence, combined with the history and the body of myths and legends that characterise the region, all this makes Ogliastra the ideal setting to make the important events of your life an unforgettable moment.

    Let yourself be inspired by uniqueness, join us in Ogliastra.