We are pleased to present a line that we love very much. It is a completely original review of certain elements of Sardinian cultural tradition, starting from the typical costume. For this paper kit, we used an ivory 300 g card with a rough finish, a geometric design that incorporates some designs of the traditional Sardinian weaving, linen for the fabric parts and a velvet ribbon embroidered by hand that recalls the inserts of typical costumes. All in the predominant colours of purple, red and beige/ecru.

  • La partecipazione nozze coA complete wedding invitation.

  • The wedding ceremony booklet, whose printed design, created exclusively for us by the talented Sardinian designer Stefania Costa, recalls the typical Sardinian bread of the Sardinian tradition, the so-called “pani pintau”. This booklet is also provided with a matching bookmark.

  • The tubular rice holder
  • The confetti bag, whose absolutely new model is made for us by the Nuorese artist Maria Ignazia Puggioni, who perfectly reproduced the “taschedda”, that is, the saddlebag of the traditional male Sardinian costume. In the front pocket, the confetti are kept, in the back pocket the souvenir card of the spouses.

  • The placeholder, the theme used for the names of the tables is dedicated to the works of the talented Sardinian artist Edina Altara.

  • The place card, which is kept inside a special pocket, also has the function of informing diners about the identity of the artist to whom the placeholders are dedicated, specifically Edina Altara.

  • Il menù