(Photo: Filippo Angius)

It’s not that easy, as there are so many different wedding styles. And by “styles” we don’t mean the super famous ones – such as country chic, shabby chic, minimal, classic or romantic. We are talking about atmosphere and feelings: something that represents you and makes your guests feel good.
It’s not that easy to know what you want and to picture your big day…

How do you find the right atmosphere for your wedding?

How do you know what you are looking for, and what would make you feel good?

Here’s our top suggestions to make up your mind/clear things up and find the perfect style for your wedding.

Let’s go!

Style is not something that comes from outside, but from within us. Your wedding tells who you are and shows your personality. Every single item should be aligned with the others – from the location to the wedding cake and the favors – and each of them should represent you two as a couple, as well your love and your personalities.

We are often influenced by others – social media, family, friends, and we forget that what they like may not be right for us. Sometimes we make choices out of rush or necessity, without looking around us. We think that our options are limited.

You probably have a Pinterest feed full of ideas for your wedding that don’t look right together, and you are not sure how to coordinate them all.
As a first step, try to collect all your ideas together on a big sheet: this is one of the best ways to get a global view and keep everything under your sight. Also, this way you could find connections between ideas, and start to see how they look next to each other.

Let colors help you: they are a great link for all your wedding’s details.
As children, we all have our one favorite color, and later in life we tend to look for clothes, furniture, and details of that shade. Sometimes we are scared of using it, because we don’t want to be judged; but every color can be used for a wedding if matched with details, textures, and shapes.
Look at a color circle and try to find the shades that attract you the most. The easiest way to have all the items of your wedding well aligned together is to find one main color, from invitations to flowers to decorations of the mise en place. Using a certain palette and maintaining cohesion among all details is another way to narrate your love story.

When you start planning your wedding, the vendors will often ask you “What do you like?”, “What style did you choose?”, “What is your wedding’s theme?”. Your wedding planning will be a lot more efficient if you clarify your style from the very beginning: you won’t spend hours looking at rustic details if you already know that you want a romantic setting, and it will be easier to find locations and vendors that share your point of view.

Don’t pick a style only because it’s trendy, or because nothing else inspires you. Think about your couple’s habits and preferences. Not sure where to start? Try making a list of words that represent you two. Do you usually hang out together in a fancy atmosphere, or more relaxed? This is directly connected to your experience as a guest, and to how you picture your wedding lunch or dinner and how your guests are going to feel that day,

Be careful not to do things only for showing off: your wedding is about yourself, and usually the simplest details are the one that won’t be forgotten.

Last, don’t just randomly pick up some things you like. Try to really think about how you want to feel, and how flowers, smells and flavors will combine and create a unique and special atmosphere. Your guests will remember these little details.

By finding your style and everything that matters for your wedding, you’ll have something that will drive you through all the decisions from every perspective, when you have to create the look and the atmosphere of your wedding day.

If you feel confused and overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start, write to me.