It is said that the bride is the main protagonist in a wedding, partially because she’s often the one who cares for the organisation, and partially because of style and beauty of the wedding gowns.

But remember: there are two people in a wedding, it’s not fair to think that the groom has only a secondary role! And speaking about style, not necessarily in weddings with two grooms one of them is more remarkable than the other, too. So we dedicated this article entirely to groom fashion, not to talk about trends but to give some inspiration and ideas for style and outfit personalization.

Which kind of suit for the groom?

Like the bridal wedding dress, the male suit should follow three basic rules as well: the kind of ceremony, the season, and the venue. Any information about the wedding should help the groom to decide which kind of suit he should have, and which color too. It can be extremely formal or casual, vivid in colors or very simple with some accessories (we’ll see them later). If you’re wondering about how many dress codes you could find, the anser is: unlimited! Of course, the groom suit doesn’t stand out as the bride gown, but it should be very different than guests. Among the most classical types, you could choose one of those four: tuxedo, with distintion between tight and smoking, frac, three-piece suit. Let’s see now some basic etiquette about when and how to wear each of them.

(Photo: Ales e Ales)

The Tight

Mostly used for weddings held during the day (before 6 pm), the tight is a quite elegant and formal suit and it’s required for some kind of public ceremonies. It’s usually made up of three or four pieces – trousers, shirt, vest and jacket – and can be embellished by a few male accessorize for an even more sofisticated style. Being so adaptable, this suit can be found in many materials and colors, to fit every groom’s taste. Indeed, you can choose between blue or black, plain or two-colors, and pick the desired fabric: silk, satin, or even “wool four-season”.

The Frac

This is the perfect wedding suit for evening or late-afternoon ceremonies. It should be wore with some care. First of all, the tailcoat jacket should not be bottoned up: it has three buttons on both sides, a central split on the back, and it’s usually found in black or blue. A white vest and a wing collared shirt will complete the look, while the best accessories for frac are a pair of classic nacre cuff links, a piquet-cotton bow tie, patent leather shoes and a puffed or three pointed white silk pochette for your pocket. If you want to be really unique, dear future husband, you could match your frac with a top hat and a walking stick with a precious knob.

The Tuxedo

This extremely elegant suit is only appropriate for events in the evening. Normally it’s not supposed to be used as a wedding suit, but the trends in the last few years are reconsidering its usage – as long as the wedding is not set during daytime. The tuxedo has a single-breasted jacket, with one button and a silk lapel collar, classic or peak lapel. A double-breasted jacket is also accepted; in either cases, it must be buttoned up and without any sort of pocket or split. The typical tuxedo color is black, but blue or white are becoming more and more common thanks to the american fashion. The shirt is strictly white though, and you must wear the bow tie as well – preferably blue or black, never white! There’s no perfect tuxedo without the vest, while the trouser has a thin satin stripe on the external side – no cuff nor belt loops, as it comes with suspenders. A shiny pair of shoes will complete the outfit.

The three-piece Suit

This is the most loved option for all those grooms who seek a modern style, half way between elegance and tradition: the three-piece suit consists of jacket and trousers (made of the same fabric), plus a tone-on-tone or contrasting gilet. The perfect choice to be both modern and classy, and it’s very adaptable.

In addition to the kind of suit, you also have plenty of choices about the color. You taste matters, but make sure to select a shade that looks good not only with the color palette you choose for your celebration, but also on your skin tone – and maybe that emphasizes your eyes. If it’s a very hot summer, it will be easy to find super light and comfortable wedding suits. And if you’re having a beach summer wedding, read in this article some extra suggestion about outfit for grooms.

Accessories for grooms

Now we know that each male suit is different from the others. Moreover, they have way more options for personalization and accessories than expected! Always remember this great rule: try to have only one “main” accessory, so that your final outfit won’t be ruined by too many add-ons that might mismatch between them. Here’s a small list you can get inspiration from to create a stylish and absolutely original outfit.

Tie…or not?

Among all the fashion accessories, the groom tie is the first that comes to mind, isn’t it? But don’t think that the choice is limited to its color. You can pick a different neck-accessory, such as the ascot or the bow tie. Just make sure it fits with the suit you choose.


Cuff links are the typical groom jewels. They can have a deep meaning if it’s a gift from the father, the granfather or another male role model; or, you can buy a brand new pair and have it personalized in your own style and taste. As the bride, you should avoid wearing any ring: only the wedding (and eventually engagement) ring should be on your finger that day! But you can use other jewels, such as a tie clip. If correclty matched with any other metal accessory you have, it will further embellish your look and give coherence and sophistication to your overall outfit.

Details that make the difference

If you don’t like wearing jewels but you’re looking for a way to make your wedding suit more original, look at the many jacket lapels available. You’ll see that this apparently tiny personalization can really change how the suit looks.

Floreal accessories

The boutonnière is certainly the most common, and it’s really nice if matches or replicates the bridal bouquet. Remember that this is not just another floral decoration but a proper bride accessory. Also, according to the italian tradition it’s the last present given from the fiancé to her wife to be. Wouldn’t be great to do the same on the opposite same, with a boutonnière given by the bride to her future husband? Alternatively, simply use a single flower: if you don’t like the idea of having real flowers on your suit, pick a fabric one.

And the shoes?

Of course they matter as well! Make sure you pick the right pair: they should be nicely coordinated to your wedding suit (we previously gave some specific matches), but also comfortable. Don’t underestimate this decision: remember that you will wear them all day long as well, for walking and dancing.

Bonus: for a winter wedding…

If you get married in winter or in a cold period and place you could also get a nice hood that matches your entire outfit, as the bride does. And, why not? Maybe a pair of fancy gloves, to take off before the ceremony starts (again, as the bride does).

Generally speaking, it’s common for newlyweds to choose two matching wedding styles even if they do it separately, especially if they have similar taste and they somehow follow the style of their wedding. To avoid any risk, it’s good to ask a third person for intermediation. Maybe a relative or someone you’re familiar with, even better if you find a professional expert such as a wedding planner. Or, if you want someone who handles every single detail of your style, an image consultant.

If you need some more suggestions, I’m here for you: don’t hesitate to contact me.