We already wrote an article on why to hire a wedding planner (or not!) for your wedding, and another one to explain what a wedding planner does. If you have decided you want an expert by your side to organize one of the most important days of your life, here’s now our suggestions on how to choose the ideal wedding planner for your wedding!

1.Define a few things

When you start your search for a wedding planner, the first thing to do is to have at least three important things clear in mind.

The kind of wedding you want. Are you looking for a luxury wedding planner for a sumptuous celebration? Or are you setting a symbolic ceremony surrounded by nature? There are many styles and ways to celebrate, and not all wedding planners are specialized in everything. Everyone has preferences, fields or styles where he/she is an expert and can suggest you the best vendors for. Look at their previous works and make sure to really get their style as well as what you want.

Your budget. Giving this information ASAP is fundamental; not only for you to know if the planning service’s cost can fit in it, but mostly to let the wedding planner give you an idea on how to set and distribute the entire budget, where to save money, and what you can do. Talking about numbers and costs will help you be on the same page.

Why are you looking for a wedding planner? The answer might seem easy, but try to think a little deeper about your motivation. There are different reasons to need a wedding planner: if you don’t have time; if you live away from the location; if you are quite nervous and in doubt, and need an expert and impartial professional to guide you. Wedding planners aren’t all the same: each one has her/his own methods and strengths! If you know your needs clearly, it’s easier to find the one who has the “right” approach for you.

2.The first meeting: what to ask to a wedding planner

As you get in touch for the first time, ask for an introductory meeting: it’s important for talking about all that we’ve just said, but also to get to know each other and see if there’s a good feeling. Sometimes emails and phone calls are not enough. It is necessary that brides and grooms and their wedding planner have good empathy, as well as mutual trust.

Be careful, though, as sympathy alone is not enough! The relationship you are building is not friendly (although that can happen sometimes), but professional. The wedding planner should make a good impression on you, but also be in line with your taste and needs. You should like him/her, but he/she shouldn’t say yes to everything just to win your sympathy: the wedding planner should guide you, giving you suggestions through all the phases of your event, preventing any setbacks. So don’t let a fondness fool you: write a list of questions in advance, so you won’t forget any of them and the meeting will be a positive experience for both sides, regardless of your final decision.

3.How to know if you found the right one?

We already partially answered, but let’s put all the pieces together: the planner’s method should be aligned with your needs, and the style in line with what you want for your wedding. There should be mutual empathy, clearness and trust, as well as a high level of professionality.
Please, don’t look for the best wedding planner of all, but the right one for you two. Don’t pick too many choices, to avoid being confused before even starting! I am sure that with some caution and analysis, finding the right wedding planner will be easier than expected.

4.How and where to find wedding planners?

Certainly, today internet is the quickest and simplest way. But looking on the web can also be a bit confusing, if you go from an Instagram profile to the next or open a thousand wedding planner’s website randomly. Try to start from the wedding planner’s location: what matters is not to find one close to you, but close to where you want to celebrate your union. So you can be sure she/he already knows the area and the vendors, and will be available to site inspections with minimum travel costs. Spend a few more minutes on a social page if you like it, and be sure to save it before looking for the next one!

Don’t ignore the power of wordmouth. If you have been impressed by another wedding, or have been told of a great wedding planner by friends, don’t hesitate to ask for a contact… But don’t hire one only because somebody recommended you to do so: don’t forget that it’s your dream we are talking about, and all the suggestions we gave you here can be used in any situation!

If you have doubts, questions, or if you want to know more about the wedding planner service, and ask for a free first online meeting, feel free to contact me. You can also try to calculate an estimated budget here.