Organising the most important day of your life can be exciting, but it often comes with a certain amount of anxiety and stress. But you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all these emotions. With good organisation and some useful strategies, you can deal with the wedding preparation with grace and stay serene. Here’s 8 precious tips for you to go through this exciting journey without letting stress and anxiety win.

1. Start with a detailed plan.

Setting up a nice and specific plan for your wedding’s organisation will let you have a process without setbacks and an extraordinary result, and I think this is also the key to keep calm.

Write down an activity list with what you have to do and the deadlines. This will help you to stay in control, reduce stress, prevent unexpected events while focusing on priorities, keeping an eye on the budget, and mostly creating a perfect and unforgetable reality out of your dreams.

2. Delegate and involve.

Don’t try to make it all by yourself. Ask friends, relatives, or a wedding planner for help with the workload. Delegating some task and responsability will soothe stress, and every aspect will be handle with attention. Some external help will let you fully enjoy every step towards your big day, as you focus on the true heart of the wedding and create nice memories without any extreme worry or anxiety.

3. Pause and relax.

Plan a few pauses in your routine. Try some relaxation tecniques such as meditation, yoga, or even just a reaxing silent walk in the nature. These soothing moments will help you to stay focused and to handle stress..

4. Keep an eye on the essential.

Focus on what really matters to you and your partner. Remember that the beauty of a wedding is found in those meaningful and personal details that reflect your love. A wedding is indeed a chance to celebrate love and connection between you two. Work through choosing the right place, the music that will fill the air with magic, and the words of the vows you’ll exchange to each other… Let these details inspire and guide you, avoiding superficialities and external pressure.

5. Expect the unexpected.

No plan is perfect: stepbacks and accidents can always come up, either during preparations or on the wedding day. Work on acceptance, and deal with any hiccup with flexibility and calm instead of becoming anxious. Focus the attention on the solution, not on the problem.

6. Avoid any comparison.

Each wedding is unique, and what works for some may not be right for you. Don’t always compare your experience with other people’s, and stay dedicated to your own vision. This is how your wedding can be authentic and reflect you and your partner, instead of becoming just a copy. The beauty of your wedding is in your own story and in the love you two share, no matter what other people do.

7. Keep an open communication.

Keep an open and trueful dialogue with your partner – you both have to feel involved in the organization. Honest communication helps to share preoccupations and find solutions together, strenghtening your relationship during the process.

8. Maintain a good mood.

Everytime you feel that anxiety or stress are coming up, remember the main reason for all of this: the love between you and your partner. Focus on the joy and excitement of getting married, let these emotions guide you through each step. Have a good laugh, and find the happy side of every situation you face.

Remember: the time needed for planning a wedding can be long or short, but it’s always essential to stay calm throughout. Your wedding is a moment of celebration and love. With cautious organisazion, a positive attitude and some self-care, you can deal with any anxiety or stress. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try to see every challenge as an opportunity to value your wedding day even more, and to feel really proud when you’ll say……….. I did it, this is how I always want it to be!

Do you think you can’t handle the stress and all the things you have to do for your special day? Then, write to me.