di Lorella Costa

The wedding reporter has a thrilling mission when they are called to perform for the spouses: write the story of a single day, which represents the achievement of a dreamed goal, but also the beginning of a race, similar to the few but decisive steps that precede a leap.

“Love in a day”: as a field reporter, the wedding reporter relies on the story, to evoke the emotions of marriage, to revive their “yes”, love and life.

It is the strength of the word, which gives readers new and unexpected meanings: it can capture the completeness of a perfect ceremony and reception, but at the same time recall the details of a love story and pave its line towards the future.

If the photograph freezes the moment, the perfection of unrepeatable moments, like a kiss between the spouses, a detail of the bouquet or of the tableau marriage, the story gives depth instantly, revealing the details that make the story of the spouses unique, because a word can be evocative, for each of us in a different, special way.

Thus, the wedding reporter creates their story as if it were a magic formula, which expresses its peculiarity in the choice of words: each enchantment will be different and will be able to relive the suggestions of a unique day, prefiguring dreams and hopes.

In the encounter between past and future lies the beauty and the mystery of marriage, which represents the crowning of love, but also the beginning of a new life: your story, the one that the wedding reporter will write for you, it’s all there, along with magic.