A beachfront ceremony – how beautiful would that be? Just imagine: the sea colors and the sound of the waves, the shiny light and the perfumes of the Mediterranean scrub. No wonder why many couples choose the seaside for their destination wedding…

Here in Sardinia, Isposas team can’t wait for the new season for planning weddings on the beach. However, we are fully aware that a lot should be carefully considered when organizing a destination wedding on the sand. Every detail is different in this kind of celebration, and everything must be specifically planned for it: specific measures for bad weather, lights, transportation, settings, reception. Even the smallest detail should match the location, not only for aesthetic, but mostly for function.

In this context, outfit makes no exception: both newlyweds and guests should really take some time to decide what to wear for a beach wedding, since they’ll need some specific adjustments for this special kind of event. Don’t worry: if you are getting married or you’ve been invited to a ceremony on the sand, here you’ll find the best tips for dress and accessories.

The right style

Let’s take a step back: if you want to organize a wedding on the sand, first you have to pick a theme that fits right with the beach setting. A very solemn or refined style might not be appropriate for a beach wedding, practically speaking. Therefore, there’s a good chance that your wedding (or the one you’re attending) is going to be quite informal. That doesn’t mean that it will not be elegant, stylish, or easy to personalize. If you want to get an idea of different beach wedding styles, take a look at our galleries: we have set both a boho-chic wedding and a very elegant reception.

Beach wedding: groom and bride’s dress

For your bridal gown, we suggest looking for lightweight and soft pieces: the sea breeze will give a beautiful fluttering effect in your pictures. Avoid more heavy and rigid fabrics, not just for temperatures (at the seaside, sun is quite hot not only in summer!), but also for moving with ease. If you get married in the warmest season, and you’re not having a church ritual, you might wear a short wedding gown: 2023 bridal fashion help us here, since this model is currently quite trendy, along with the modular dress. Also, don’t forget about your footwear: if you choose shoes with heels, you may want to have a more comfortable second pair.

What about the groom? Unfortunately, groom fashion has not as many choices as the bridal. On the other hand, men can play more with colors, maybe picking a suit that calls back to the wonderful shades of sea and sky: blue, turquoise, emerald green, … Of course, the tone should fit right with the groom’s taste and skin color.

If it’s your day…don’t forget your guests!

I know – it’s your big day and you two are the main characters of the event. But remember, a wedding is a celebration for families and friends as well: don’t forget about them, and try to avoid any discomfort! First, be sure to clarify the type of wedding and location from the very first minute: be specific in your invitation, so that every guest has time to choose the right outfit, and will arrive at the ceremony well prepared. You don’t have to suggest a specific dress code: just let them know that a part of the event will be on the sand.

Another nice idea is to prepare some small gifts, appropriate for the place and the weather. Provide your guests with wedding bags containing wet wipes, maybe a small hat or a folding fan, and some sunscreen and after-sun cream for the more delicate skins. Have you ever noticed those heel protectors given to women in locations with large lawns? If your wedding is quite informal, you can replace them with flip-flops, maybe using the same color palette of your event.

Beach wedding: what guests should wear
If the future newlyweds have followed our tips, you’ll already know that the wedding you are invited to will be in a sea setting, and your outfit should fit the location and the style. But if you have doubts, just ask the couple!

Day or night, the ladies can choose long but lightweight dresses, better if combined with shoes without heels. And men should opt for fresh and soft fabrics for their suit as well (mismatched looks nice, too).

Don’t forget about accessories: not only are they a basic add-on to your wedding beach outfit, but they may also be quite useful, like small hats for sun protection, or shrugs and light jackets (according to the season) to be covered in case of a sudden wind.

If you have other questions about what to wear for a wedding on the beach, or you wish to arrange one, send me a message!