The wedding day is not just an event where families and friends gather together to celebrate a marriage: your big day is also an important story. The wedding day tells what love story two people are sharing; that’s why it is important to decide how you would like to tell that story during your event.
As a wedding planner, I always suggest you to pick a specific theme, because it’s something that brings and links everything together. You have a lot of options to choose from: Classic? Rustic? Modern? Elegant? Minimalist? Now, the question is how to choose the right one for your love story. Don’t worry: the purpose of this article is indeed to help you pick the right theme. You only need to answer five simple questions.

1-What kind of location do you picture yourself in?

If you are thinking about open-air celebration, some options might be a nice field, a beach, or an oak forest. If you are considering a rustic theme, you should definitely look for an open-air location. On the other hand, if you have doubts about weather and you don’t want to risk, choose an indoor location: you won’t have a rustic wedding, but there are many other options.

2-How formal is your wedding?

Be mindful that the dress code of your guests will change according to how formal your wedding is going to be, and that will affect the style of the event as well. So, understanding the level of formality you look for will help you understand the general atmosphere as well. For example, if you want to have a boho-chic wedding in an open-air location, where nature and fields will be the main characters, both newlyweds and guests look will be more informal; while if you have your celebration in a more sumptuous setting, the guests will arrive in elegant dresses.

3-What’s your personal style?

Think about your style as a couple. The first thing you have to do to find your personal style is to understand what you really like. Just think about how you decorated your home, which magazines and books you read, your favorite restaurants. For example, if your house has a vintage look, a vintage wedding may be perfect to state your personal style.

4-What do you both enjoy?

Dig deep into your couple’s personality. Think about what you love to do together, or that passion you both share. Remember that the wedding should talk about the two of you; so if you both love traveling, how wonderful would a travel-themed wedding in your favorite place be? Or, if you two love being in nature, what else would be perfect but an open-air wedding?

5-What should absolutely not be missing?

Last but not least, think about which elements and details you can’t picture your wedding without. Those are the same elements that may help you narrow the themes that would best fit your wedding. From the invitations to the mise en place for the reception, or a specific music genre.

With these questions in mind, I am sure that you’ll find a great story to tell your guests!

If you still need help in finding the right style for your big day, you can contact me here.