Have you ever heard about “micro weddings”? If you and your loved one aren’t dreaming for a big wedding, maybe you’re considering a more intimate and private event. Or maybe you want to have a destination wedding, and not all your friends and relatives will be able to join you at the desired location.

For example, getting married in Sardinia is a common dream for those who live far away and don’t know how to have many people moving. A nice solution could be opting for a micro wedding with closest friends and family, making it a sort of a family trip (or maybe a romantic elopement just for the two of you!), and perhaps having your honeymoon in Sardinia right after the celebration…

Do you have troubles in finding the best option for you? Are you looking for ideas for an intimate wedding but don’t know where to start? There are many solutions to set a wedding that is small in numbers, but not in meaning. Keep reading, and find out if this is the right kind of wedding for you.

What is a micro wedding?

As the name suggests, it’s a celebration with a small number of guests (and ofter with a shorter timing too). There isn’t a specific number, but usually we’re talking about no more than 20-30 guests. 

But micro wedding doesn’t mean austere or irrelevant. An event with few guests can be both quite luxurious and emotionally intense, because there are less distractions. It’s quite the opposite, actually: having a smaller number of guests lets you play more with quality and personalization of each single detail, using your budget way differently compared to a wedding with more than 100 people.

This means that the wedding planner here is as much important as any other “bigger” wedding. It’s perhaps even more essential here, especially if the couple and their guests come from far away, because he/she could help them to organize other minor events connected to the big day. For example, when there are such few people coming from distant places, it’s nice to have something planned for the day before and after the wedding, such as a small dinner or a nice brunch.

But let’s stop here for a minute and focus on one of the most important (and delicate) theme in a small wedding: the guest list.

bozzetto matrimonio fiori

Micro wedding: who should you invite?

If you want, you can have a very small celebration in church or at the City Hall, and than a big informa party with lot of people. In this case, you could sent the invitation to everyone with the reception venue’s addresse, and then add a small invitation for the religious or civil ceremony only for our dearest and nerest. If you are looking for an even more private ceremony, you could have by your side only your parents, best man and maid of honor.

Of course micro weddings have a limit – you really have to narrow down your guests list. It’s easy to leave somebody aside, or to be convinced to invite that old aunt, that friend too, and what about that colleague? …and suddenly you have a guest list that it’s too long, and a wedding that is not the private celebration you wanted.

Our suggestion here is to proceed step by step and don’t panic. Close your eyes and try to imagine your big day: are you surrounded by a big crowd, or do you see only your dearest ones’ faces? Are they people you spend time with lately, or your oldest friends? Talk with your partner. Once you decided who is going to take place at your wedding, it could be nice to explain to the uninvited (without any guilt!) that you decided to opt for a small wedding with very few guests, to avoid that people might feel left out.

On the other hand, having fewer people at you wedding had a great pro: the chance to spend some quality time with everyone. Your interactions won’t be limited to a few toast and occasional chat while you jump from one table to the other between courses. None of your guests will feel neglected, and you will have important memories of the moments spent with each one of them. Also, for the wedding dinner or lunch you can have only one table, a long imperial one or a “T” composition with newlyweds right at the center.

There are couples that get married alone, too (alone with the officiant and two duty witnesses). Let’s briefly talk about this micro wedding typology as well.

Intimate wedding VS elopement

A wedding without guests is certainly a peculiar choice, and it doesn’t work for everybody. But it’s right for you if you are looking for a less traditional wedding, or if you see this big day more as an experience than a celebration, and would like to tie the knot in a way that’s meaningful for you two.

It’s called elopement – a love getaway, usually a destination wedding where the couple alone legalize its union in a totally unique manner. Have you ever thought about getting married on a boat or under the sea? Those are just examples, but if you feel this is your kind of wedding, you could really find the ceremony which fully express your personality and story.

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Where to set an intimate wedding?

This is a great advantage of weddings with few guests: you don’t have room issues! It’s way easier to find the venue for a small wedding than for one with hundreds of people: you have more options, and it’s going to be easier to find the ideal places for your needs and wishes. Just be careful: even the smaller venues can be already fully booked for events in high season.

Same things apply for the ceremony venue. It’s easier to set a private wedding on a beach, in a wood, in a small country church, or any other place where large crowds won’t fit. And you won’t miss the magical atmosphere that only certain places have, and your wedding is really going to be magical.

To sum up: remember to always choose what has a special meaning for you two, not for others. Even though thinking about guests and families is fair, since the wedding is an important event for them too, you are the couple. You’ll only live this day once in a lifetime, so celebrate your love in a way that best express who you are!

If you need support for your micro wedding in Sardinia, you can write to me, or calculate a quotation for your wedding under 150 guests.