Flower settings are quite important for personalizing a wedding, yet they are often underrated. Flowers are an elegant decoration, they embellish the ambience and give a unique atmosphere that changes with their color, disposition, quantity and variety. You may have heard of wedding flower design, a recently-born wedding branch that studies the flower settings for each venue and moment of a wedding: from flowers for the church to centerpieces, from small accessories to the great nuptial arch. With this careful study, the decorations are coordinated and harmonious, and you don’t get a big mixture of different themes and ornaments that may look mismatched and messy.

If you are getting married, probably you’re wondering what flowers you should choose for your wedding. Maybe you already have a favourite kind and would like that for the bouquet or the restaurant centerpieces; or maybe you have decided a color or a palette for you decoration, and you’re now looking for flower ideas to match your selections.

For this decision, is important to keep in mind not only our taste and the meaning of the wedding flowers, but also the season of the species. That’s it – flowers follow season! Picking your favourite flower for your wedding is not always a good idea. The best option indeed is to choose flowers and plants that grows naturally in that specific time of the year.

Three reasons for choosing seasonal flowers 

First, even though almost each variety is nowadays available in every season, seasonal flowers are doubtlessy more beautiful and thriving then the ones from greenhouse or plantation. These may have to deal with long tranfers that ruin them, and in general they are less resistant. On the other hand, seasonals resist way better the weather conditions of their season (such as high humidity or heat levels, which are fatal for many species), and can stay fresher longer without any special care. That’s a very important aspect to be considered, especially in a wedding event that may last several hours.

Secondly, let’s talk about environment: using local and seasonal flowers is indeed the most environmentally friendly choice, since transportation can be avoided or very limited (as we said) and Nature is not forced into a different rythm. This is a great way to show respect and love for the environment – and it’s also aesthetically pleasant: flower decorations will be thriving, and if you’re having an open-air wedding, they’ll match the ambience better.

Last, but not least, don’t forget the economic side of this choice: buying flowers during their blooming season will cost way less than purchasing them in another time of the year. The difference is ofter quite large, and it will definitively affect your general wedding budget. Also, depending on how delicate the flowers are, you may need some extra expenses for manutention and special care, while (as oyu now know) seasonal flowers are more resistant.

How to choose seasonal flowers for your wedding

You should know that there are countless species and varieties, besides the most common flowers and plants for weddings. It’s important to ask an expert for advice, like a flower designer or a wedding planner with knowledge and expertise in terms of flowers. Of course, the options suggested also have to meet the couple’s taste.

Any preference you may have for your wedding flowers, you should keep in mind different things – first of all is seasonality, but always keep an eye on your event’s style as well.

Springfiori matrimonio primavera, bouquet nozze primavera

Spring is a season where we can find so many kinds of flowers! This is the best moment to pick pastel coloured variaties, from light face-powder pink and peach shades, to pale blue and rich greens. As for the floral species, you have quite a lot of choices: calla, freesia, peony, hortensia, lily of the valley – are just a few of them.

Summerfiori matrimonio estate, bouquet nozze estate

This is the sun season, and weddings in this period are ofter a color explosion, from sea-blue to yellow and orange. Roses are the most common choice for summer weddings, and it’s also the flower with most shades that can fullfill even the most peculiar wedding projects. For a wedding in June, July or August don’t forget delphinium, dahlia and lavender.

Autumnfiori matrimonio autunno, bouquet nozze autunno

Autumn is still a nice season for weddings, especially in september and october. The colors of nature start to change, and this is the perfect time to pick warmer, hearthy colors – from rich red-purple to vivid berry-reds. And those colors have a nice contrast with leaves, like the grey shades of eucalyptus and cineraria. Say yes to gerbera, dianthus, and berries!

Winterfiori matrimonio inverno, bouquet nozze inverno

Not many couples actually choose this season for their special day, and many of them think it’s hard to find the right flowers for their floral decoration. That’t untrue: winter weddings are appropriate for neutral shades such as white or ivory, and forest greens – perfect colors for a classical and sober weddng. Adding a few golden or silver elements will make the best appearance for a wedding during Christmas or New Year’s Eve time. Some flowers for a winter celebration are helleborus, brunia, cineraria, hyacinth.

Some color combinations are more suitable in certain seasons than in others, but there may be many overlappings. Pastel coloured shades are nice in every season, and so are white and green. After all, the most important thing in choosing your wedding color is that you need to love and “feel” them as yours. 

If you don’t know which colors you should choose for your wedding, write me