Summer days always bring along high temperatures and wonderful sunsets, but can also be a great challenge for those about to say “I do” in this season.

It’s possible to deal with hot days with grace and elegance – you just have to follow some easy tips and suggestions. In this article we will share some tricks that help you enjoy your big day without being overwhelmed by summer heat.

Choosing the perfect dress

If your wedding day is sunny and hot, choosing the right wedding dress can really make a difference. Be sure to pick light and breathable fabrics. The groom can show off a classy and fresh style with a linen suit, while the bride can wear a nice linen or chiffon wedding gown, both options are great to feel comfortable and cool all day long. If you need something even more breathable, go for a dress that uncovers the back or a strapless bustier.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, because with summer’s high temperatures water is essential for your body. Drink lots of water, and be sure that your guests can easily access to full glasses too. Also, you can add a summer-ish touch to your wedding by adding a refreshment station with fresh and fruity soft drinks: your event will be even more stylish and pleasant.

Sunshades and fans

Take great care of your wedding guests by offering them small sunshades and fans against the burning sun. This is a very creative yet practical idea: not only you’re giving a stylish touch to your ceremony, but these accessories also let your guests feel cool and relaxed in those hot summer days. You can personalize them with the newlyweds’ names and the wedding date, creating a very special souvenir for your dearest.

Shade and chill-out area 

Make sure your venue has a nice area in shade, where guests can find relief from the heat. You could set up a chill-out zone with curtains, cushions and small sofas, where guests can relax and enjoy the day. in total comfort. You can pick brighter colors or lighter shades, depending on the style of your event and the atmosphere you want to create. It might be an area next to the ceremony venue, or set up in the garden where your aperitif is served. A careful study of the spaces lets you really personalize your wedding.

Choosing the right time

Planning a summer wedding requires you to be detail-oriented and have good organisational skills. If you can, set your ceremony and reception in the coolest hours of the day, such as early in the morning or at sunset. This way, you can enjoy your special day without being overwhelmed by the summer heat. 

Refreshment and frozen surprises

Treat your guests with refreshments and some frozen surprises. An ice-cream or lemonade small truck can both be a fun and delicious way to keep everyone happy and fresh. This will also maintain a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for every guest.

Stile and convenience with an elegant sunshade

Consider using a nice sunshade for you and your partner – a white or painted parasol to shade you both from the sun during the ceremony. You will add a nice stylish touch to the wedding pictures! 

With the right pianification and attention to details, a hot summer wedding day can easily become a nice and unforgettable experience. Following these tips and tricks, you can enjoy your big day with freshness and style, and let your guests feel comfortable and happy while celebrating your love and the begin of a new adventure together. 

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