As summer ends, it’s the perfect time to start planning your dream destination wedding for next year.
A wedding set on a beach in Italy is truly a dream for many brides and grooms: many couples in the last few years choose the sand as the perfect place to celebrate their love. Who knows why?
Indeed, Sardinia is not only seaside: it’s a land full of wonderful spots like navigable lakes and enchanting forests, just to name a few, where it’s possible to create a fairy tale atmosphere.
But the romantic feeling you can find with a beachfront setting, closely overlooking the water, with the wind in your hair and the beautiful seaside colors all around, is just perfect for a summer wedding.

What’s the right ceremony for a beach wedding?

There are two kinds of ceremonies you can have on the sand:

– a courthouse wedding, but not everywhere
– a symbolic ceremony

The first is a wedding with legal value. In Italy, it is possible to get married outside the courthouse, but unfortunately that’s not possible anywhere you want. According to Italian laws on legal weddings, every district can identify one or two beaches where it’s possible to celebrate a proper wedding. On the other hand, the symbolic ceremony has no particular restriction, as it is a spiritual union that can be 100% personalized. Even if it has no legal validity, I think it can be a great way to have a wedding day exactly the way you dreamt it. In both cases, you can hire a professional celebrant to fully personalize the ceremony: music, readings, vows and ring exchange.


Is a beach wedding always a good idea?

Open-air weddings are very special, and usually the locations are quite amazing; it’s clear why so many people choose to have this kind of wedding, and love the idea of having an open-air summer ceremony.
Among all the options, the one I love the most, and that is a dream for many couples, is to get married on a Sardinian beach.
After all, the main goal for anyone who is planning a wedding is that all guests feel at ease and have fun, no matter how elaborate or informal the event is. Nothing will make you feel more accomplished than having a wonderful ceremony, that everyone will remember for all the right reasons. If your guest will remember what a nice day they had, then your wedding has been a success.
So, what do you have to consider in order to make a beach wedding such an unforgettable event?


On top of the list there should be the place. First, don’t expect tranquility during a beach ceremony. It’s fair to remember that if you get married in summer in Sardinia (or in any other tourist place), there won’t be only newlyweds and a few guests.
Not at all!
In summertime, beaches are normally full of people. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up the idea: it’s a good idea to choose a time in the late afternoon. I usually suggest after 6:30 pm, for having both less heat and less people around.
Then, it’s a good idea to pick a beach easy to reach: it wouldn’t be nice to make people walk under the hot sun, would it?
As nice as beach weddings are, they also come with risks, the biggest one being the weather. After all, as you choose the date for your civil or symbolic ceremony, you are gambling on how the weather’s going to be on that day. In the middle of summer you can still have windy or rainy days: you need to know this and be prepared! So be sure that your plan B is as good as your plan A.


The right decoration can transform even the simplest location in the perfect setting for the ceremony you have always dreamt of.
This is often considered as non-essential, but decorations are important to give an atmosphere of celebration; a special touch can be added in several ways, from small details to more consistent elements, and can include flowers, lights, chairs, nuptial arch, and so much more. All elements can be personalized and really change a beach setting.


To start and introduce the ceremony, live music is perhaps the best choice. You can choose the kind of artists you want: a string quartet, an harp, or a duo, like violin with piano or flute.
Once the ceremony starts, the sound of the sea will be the perfect background music: you don’t need anything else. You can choose a light melody while exchanging vows.
It’s always nice to amaze your guests with something special and unexpected.


As particular as a beach wedding is, the dress code makes no exception. Both newlyweds and guests should think carefully about what they are going to wear for a “sandy” ceremony and/or reception. That’s why we have a specific article on this subject: you can read it here.

Are you ready to plan your dream destination wedding on the sand in Sardinia? If you are in doubt and afraid you can’t do it alone, write to me.