When talking about honeymoon, it’s easy to think about exotic and remote destinations. But not all newlyweds want (or can) deal with many days of travelling, flights, connections, jetlag, and stay two or more weeks that far away from home. Or, for those who want to choose Sardinia for their destination wedding in Italy and are already travelling to the island, it may be difficult to plan a second trip right after the wedding day.

Have you ever thought that this land could actually be the honeymoon destination of your dreams? And if you think Sardinia is nice only for seaside-lovers, you’ll change your mind: there are plenty of alternatives for those who fancy another kind of vacation.

If you are considering to plan your honeymoon in Italy, follow us in this little trip across Sardinia to discover the many opportunities for newlyweds! 

Honeymoon in Sardinia: the best tips

First, two questions. Have you ever be in Sardinia before, or it’s going to be your first time? And what kind of wedding trip are you looking for? From the answers you’ll give, you can understand what kind of travel you should look for.

Luckily, Sardinia can meet pretty much everyone’s preferences, especially when it comes to nature, food and mediterranean weather! Get ready to a romantic trip that will be in line with your travel tastes. What do you like the most – adventure tours or total relaxation? Would you rather be spoiled in a resort, or discover a different place every day? Are you sporty people, do you always need to move and stay active? Or the first thing you two think about before a new travel is discovering the local food and drink? Find these answers before choosing where to go; just remember that in Sardinia you can find the right place for each of these experiences (and even combine them!).

A piece of advice that works for every choice: try to avoid planning your honeymoon in Sardinia in August and July, it’s the time when the island is full of other tourists and travellers, so you can really feel like you’re in a Paradise.

Honeymoon in Sardinia: where to go

Depending of your preferences, you could choose which area of the island you should visit. Every region in Sardinia is different from the others, with its own peculiarities. For convenience, here you’ll find them sorted in four, but don’t forget the heart of the island and the small inland towns, where you can feel the most authentic vibes and discover traditional habits and flavors, while admiring one-in-a-kind spectacular landscapes. If you are really curious and love to drive, why don’t you plan a honeymoon on the road? You could rent a car, a bike or a van, if you are very adventurous, or you could bring your vehicle with the ferry-boat.

South Sardinia
Cagliari has great connections, not only with Italy but also with many other countries. From here, you can move toward the beautiful beaches nearby Villasimius or Pula. Probably this is the best area for those couples who love easyness and would like to visit a city as well. You can get spoiled in an all-inclusive hotel, or choosing warming agriturismi and alterning days at the beach to horse excursions, visits to nuraghic sites, and tasting of local products directly from producers.

North Sardinia
The northern part of the island is easy to reach both with plane and ferry, since there are several airports and ports. Depending of the type of honeymoon you’re looking for, you can choose a luxury resort in Costa Smeralda, and visit some of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the island, or explore the welcoming and regenerative nature in the North-West (don’t forget a trip to the Asinara or to the Golfo della Maddalena!). In both cases, you can find specific honeymoon hotels of different typologies and styles, that will offer you personalized experience to better live your dream. 

West Sardinia
Wild and various nature: from beautiful Cabras, to Porto Pino‘s dunes, the West side of Sardinia is offering very unique landscapes and beaches. There are also many trekking paths, such as Santa Barbara; iron-path, for those who love climbing; and some surfing spots. This is probably the best destination for the most active couples, but also for the romantic newlyweds that want to enjoy astonishing sunset right on the sea.

East Sardinia: Ogliastra
Isposas’ home! This area is still a little undiscovered (except for July and August), and it’s perfect for those who love nature, sport, and good food. Here you’ll find amazing places, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them, whatever kind of traveller you may be. Sea-lovers will be charmed by the beautiful beaches of Golfo di Orosei, as well as by those more south, like Cea and its sea stacks. On the other hand, mountains-fans will discover so many trakking paths, in lower and high altitude, like the legendary “Selvaggio Blu” – only for experts.

If you are curious about Sardinia as honeymoon destination, or you want to set your wedding right here, please contact me.