We talk about it here, after an event that really challenged us.


Many brides can’t wait for their wedding day to come. Since they were children they dream, plan and picture the big day. Some of them would never allow anyone else to say a word about the wedding organization.

Let’s be honest: if you feel like you are the wedding planner, you think that hiring a professional is an unnecessary expense.

Planning a wedding is a difficult job with its own rules, wishes, and often compromises. Behind every good result there is a tailor-made project, and many different elements that once put together create something unique. But without knowing the rules of this game, it’s impossible to do everything by yourself, and when you’re two months away from the wedding you realize you have everything booked, but the event is not the one of your dreams.

When Alex and Marica called us, they had already set some parts of the wedding; unfortunately, many things they had bought did not fit with the event’s atmosphere. We had to change and rearrange everything.

Because the greatest wish of this couple was to have a perfect table.

In the countryside, surrounded by nature, in a beautiful scenario, fifty guests in a private location, and this one big dream: to create the perfect table. To have that, we think that every event needs a certain mise en place, and the right coordination among all the elements and the smallest details. We always start each project by defining the table’s atmosphere: a lot can be done with special linens and tablewares. For example, a romantic service plate, with an embroidered napkin and a calligraphic place card, can immediately dress-up your table and amaze your guests. Lastly, the flowers will be the stylish final touch.

We strongly believe in quality over quantity.

To set you in a good mood, take a look at what a wedding planner does: you can decide if that’s an extra expense or an added value.

Cosa fa una Wedding planner

Cosa fa una Wedding planner

Mise en place


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