The new year often brings a desire for change and renewal, and fashion is always ready to bring up some of those.

We took some sneak peaks on the bridal trends for 2023 according to different stylists: let’s see together which trends to follow, which one can be good inspirations, and from which ones to stay away.

What does the bride wear in 2023?

First of all, always remember that the dress should match not only the bride, but also the style of the wedding: you would have to pick up the wedding dress and accessories according to the kind of special day you are having, for sure. Is your wedding glamour, or more country-style? Are your settings quite traditional or a bit eclectic? Before choosing your gown, be sure to consider many other details apart from fashion itself. But we’ll talk about this later.

After a 2022 bridal fashion that was calling for freedom and lightness, the trendsetters this year have been reinventing and modernizing some of the most classic elements, without violating traditions. There is, in fact, a strong romantic taste in shapes and models, even when stylists are playing with geometries and (a)symmetries. 

In the 2023 wedding dresses, details matter quite a lot; in lace or in three dimensions, they always aim to maintain elegance without exaggerating. Shoulder straps and sleeves are a big trend. The straps are finely garnished, and the sleeves could be wrist-long and lightweight or puffed like in a princess dress. They can also be converted in a flowing cape or hood, becoming a whole new accessory.

Daniela Di Martino 2023
Angela Bianca 2023
Eva Lendel 2023

And accessories are another key element of 2023 bridal trends. Usually it’s a renewal of traditional elements: the bridal veil becomes shorter and can be matched with a little hat; the train of the wedding dress grows and takes new shapes, or it’s embellished with a big ribbon. Every gown can be modified and personalized according to each bride’s preferences and style, without giving up to the most traditional details and accessories.

For brides who want something more, many collections of 2023 present some unconventional wedding dresses. Short gowns have passed the test for symbolic and courthouse ceremonies, and we could also see more models with pants or suits, especially when there are two brides. A brand new tendency that may become a trend in the next few years is the modular wedding dress. Here, the most voluminous accessories, which are as wonderful and original as potentially quite uncomfortable, can be removed after the ceremony, creating a more simple but elegant gown that will be perfect for the reception (and the wedding party!). The bride can go along her wedding’s timeline without any change of dress, and always feeling confident and perfect.

Sareh Nouri 2023
Elisabetta Polignano 2023
Fara Sposa 2023

2023 wedding gowns: should I really follow the trends?

Absolutely not! Remember that the choice is always yours, and it goes beyond the current fashion. You should choose according to your own taste, your wedding’s style, and how you feel wearing that gown. Your wedding dress should make you feel at ease! There are no tendencies to reject, except for those you don’t like for yourself or for your event. Always consider every detail of your wedding: type of ceremony and ritual, time of the year, duration, number of guests, and location. For instance, avoid a short wedding dress if you get married in church or in winter; a big dress train can be “too much” for an intimate reception; and if you are tying the knot on a beach in summer and would like to have hats or capes, think twice (and be mindful of the wind!).

Let me give you one important piece of advice: consider the practical side of a dress. It’s not the same to try it at the bridal shop, or wear it for many hours on your big day for moving, getting in the car, walking, dancing – all of this loaded with emotions! Try a few times to walk and move in your dress (better with shoes on), and be sure you don’t feel clumsy or uncomfortable. Also, keep always well in mind the location you’ll be: what should you wear for a wedding on the beach? Not the same kind of dress that you would wear inside or in an ornamental garden, for sure.

Can I ask a wedding planner for help with the wedding dress?

If you hired a professional wedding planner to help you organize your wedding at 360°, you have by your side an expert that will help you select bridal shops and, if you wish, will come with you at the rehearsals. 

If bride and groom live away from the place where they want to celebrate their union, and where the wedding planner is, or if the professional is not a deep expert of the field, and the bride wants to have a dedicated service, then it is better to ask for another professional: the image consultant, who has specific expertise in bridal fashion and can assist brides (and grooms!) in the search for the perfect outfit.

The wedding planner is certainly always ready to give suggestions, especially when it comes to coordination between dress and wedding styles, to always be sure there is harmony among all the elements of a wedding event.

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