It is common belief that hiring a wedding planner is a luxury. Let me tell you why this is not really true!

First of all: who is a wedding planner?

Being a wedding planner means taking care of an event’s organization, planification and management. It’s not an improvised job, and one must continuously study and improve his/her own knowledge and abilities. It is important to have organizational and economical knowledges, as well as a wide artistical, enogastronomical and floreal culture. It is also important to know a lot about etiquette and traditions. Also, being able to stay calm in stressful situations is fundamental, as much as having coordination and problem solving skills, good taste and creativity.

So the wedding planner is an expert professional who organizes and manages weddings, and that includes relationships with vendors and suppliers. Thanks to her/his experience and connections, she/he will suggest the best wedding professionals (from venues to kid animation, and from photographers to flower design), with the best value for your money. Without any experience in wedding planning, how to really be sure to choose reliable and affordable suppliers, and of high quality?

Wedding planner yes or no? Three reasons to say yes

The first reason why you should hire a wedding planner is indeed related to wedding costs. You have a professional who will take care of every stage of the organization: it’s an additional cost at first, but is also an investment that prevents you from spending extra money in vain later. A wedding planner will always check on your budget and make whatever possible not to overcome it. If you want to hire a low cost or luxury wedding planner, that is completely up to you.

Secondly, to organize a wedding you need a lot of time; and that might be hard to find, if you have an already busy and fast-paced life. Just think of how many hours would you spare, if you delegate someone else to take care of all the details: contacting vendors, examining ideas and suggestions and finding the best ones for your own special day, meeting deadlines, … And all of this will be done according to your requests.

Last, everybody knows that organizing a wedding can be really stressful: you don’t want to arrive at the big day exhausted, or forget a special detail, and then realize that something was not how you wanted it. Moreover, you won’t be able to really enjoy all the good moments of your wedding. And this is the third reason why you should hire a wedding planner: he/she will be in charge of managing all the stages of your event with the right timing, leaving you with one sole job: to live your own dream.

Wedding planner means constant support

In general, the wedding planner helps to have a technical (and emotional!) support during all the phases of your wedding: from selecting ideas, to clearing up every doubt, to planning in full, giving you the best advices and using his/her previous experience, taking care of every detail as you would do, until the very last day.

You will always find an expert by your side, a professionist who will make decisions and conciliate your wishes with actual issues, always using good sense, lucidity and impartiality. The wedding planner coordinates and checks everything related to your wedding, guaranteeing that every moment, element and detail is in harmony with each other.

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